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My Journey to Become a Social Media Influencer

I thought it was always so cool to receive PR packages from brands and take photo/video content in exchange. I've been dreading to become an microinfluencer and I decided in this last month that it was finally time to do so!

How did I do it? Hard-work and determination.

I planned out my aesthetic, decided what I represented and want to represent. I curated my media kit, started this blog and sent out hundreds of emails and DMs to brands that I admire and just waited for the replies to start flooding in.

Slowly but surely, I'm receiving a lot of support and getting the feedback that I was hoping for.

I'll try to do monthly check-ins to see where I'm at in terms of:

- following

- content creation

- and mood

Join me on my journey and let's make something happen!

Lots of love,

elaine janine xo

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