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about elaine janine

growing twenty something year old filipino-canadian influencer who finds all the beauty of life

Social media has also been a great influence on my life. It is how I connected, shared my imagination, and was influenced by so many people worldwide. Over the years my love of fashion, beauty, dogs, skincare, cooking, art, and photography has evolved and I have been on a path that I never have planned to be on. I’ve always wanted an outlet to document every aspect of my beautiful life and therefore, WWW.ELAINE-JANINE.COM was created.

I was born and raised in Toronto by my Filipino parents and they were the ones to always pushed me to showcase all of my talents and to do my absolute best. I never stuck to one thing and one thing only, and I loved knowing that I was multi passionated. My family constantly reminds me that every part of life is worth celebrating and never should be neglected. And because of this, it has made me the multi-faceted person that I am today. My style, the way I live, how I deal with challenges, and more all come from my appreciation.

I appreciate having an education. After receiving a BA in Creative Industries from Ryerson University in Toronto, I knew that it was my goal to use my creative outlook to tell enticing stories. My ultimate career goal is to use my creative talents to help brands communicate their value and have their audience appreciate them in life. My aesthetic and eye for design were definitely shaped throughout my years at school and it has contributed to the expression of constantly wanting to improve in my talents. 

Within this blog, you will read about all things that make up me: including my love for beauty, fashion and a girly girl lifestyle. Along side all of my passions, I want to use this outlet to communicate passionately for all empowered women, self-love and body positivity. The world is ever-changing and I love to communicate these necessary notions for growth and personal development. These are other parts of life worth celebrating and believing in and I strive to inspire those around me.

Again, this blog is a collection of the different beautiful aspects of my life; from the outfits I put together, to the artwork I produce, from the beauty tips and tricks I learn, the aesthetic that is found from all things pink and more! This self-titled blog is a place where I share my personal life choices and appreciate all the things I find beautiful. This is all just the beginning, but I believe that this can grow into something amazing.

If you ever want to talk, collab or share a bubble tea with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Don't forget that life is beautiful, just like you!

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